At Millieri Designs we are passionnate about how graphic design can enable you and your business to grow. Whether you need a fresh logo, a new look for your business, a bespoke website, a flyer for a campaign or a catchy event poster.

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My love of buildings, form, structure, precision and communication has taken me through a career in photography, surveying and graphic design. For me, storytelling is about typography, visuals and composition which are purposeful and deliberate.


After working as a physiotherapist and running my own practice, I took the bold move to reinvent myself in the creative industry and become a graphic designer. I apply my problem-solving skills and attention to detail to finding solutions that improve communication and brand identity.

With the challenges of 2020 we realised we were pretty awesome at working together; so we decided to join our skills, our business mindsets and our motivation to create Millieri Designs.

Nous sommes convaincues que le design graphique relie les gens et permet à une entreprise, une personne ou une cause plus large de fleurir.

With a passion for detail, our love of thoughtful and effective design and a progressive mindset, we can’t wait to collaborate with your and help you build your story.

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